Based and rooted in Ericeira, O Grupo das Casas is born in 2019 to consolidate a history that began nearly 20 years ago with A Casas das Casas, the most cherished estate agency in the Ericeira region!

Our motto is personalised mediation for each client, achieving the best of both worlds by reconciling the wishes and points of view of all parties involved.

Grupo Das Casas is now entering several markets, where its vocation finds its added value:

Local Accommodation, Evaluations and Project Management, Financing and Media.

It is in the group's DNA to make clients feel at home in each company and to provide a service based on dedication and attention, without expectations or promises of results.

We believe that in an increasingly fast-paced, complex and impersonal world, the value of a good relationship will become increasingly important for everyone's well-being.

As a result, at the end of the day, what always remains is the way we feel. Our priority in the way we receive is, above all, to make you feel good with us, at Home, always! Effortlessly and in harmony.

Discover our Houses:

A Casa das Casas - Ericeira Real Estate

A Casa dos Projetos – Real Estate Management

A Casa dos Financiamentos – Financial Advisors

The House of Communications - Local Connectors


*Call Costs: Call to a fixed network or national mobile network.

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Rua Dr. Eduardo Burnay nº 73, 1º floor, Ericeira 2655-368

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