The House of Finance is the new credit intermediation agency in Ericeira.🏦

A company dedicated to advising and helping its customers find, choose and renegotiate the best credit. 💳

With agreements established with financial institutions, this specialised team provides the best service combined with the ideal solution for its clients' needs.

😨 Afraid of reviewing your credit (housing or otherwise)? Don't be! Casa dos Financiamentos will renegotiate your credit without any commitment!

Advantages of the Casa dos Financiamentos service:

💰 100% Free 💶 No commissions and no extra amounts for your credit!

👨‍💼 Personalised 🤝 Follow-up continuous by Authorised Professionals Registered with the Bank of Portugal!

⏳More time for you!📜 Don't worry about asking for simulations! They take care of all the bureaucracy and negotiation!


*Call Costs: Call to a fixed network or national mobile network.

Listing Amenities

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  • Wi-Fi

Opening Hours

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09:30 - 19:00
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Additional info

13h - 14h30